We believe that service is more than adjusting a potentiometer or changing a valve plate. Service is about technical support. With a Technical Assistance Agreement you will have a professional team of technicians, engineers and specialists, offering a wide range of expertise in lyophilization technologies from refrigeration mechanics to metrology, control system design and validation.

The Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) is a unique service provided by our engineers and technicians to offer flexible lyophilization assistance to our clients. A TAA can be defined as a supplement to an existing maintenance department, or as a single source of maintenance and calibration service. TAAs are individually tailored to fit your needs.

A TAA typically involves:

  • inspection of maintenance log for GMP compliance
  • verification of subassembly operation including refrigeration, thermofluid, vacuum, sterilization, electrical and controls
  • testing of overall machine performance
  • calibration of critical devices and instrumentation
  • evaluation of spare parts stock
  • tracking the service history of individual components

Many pharmaceutical companies currently benefit from our Technical Assistance Agreement either as a supplement to their maintenance staff or as their sole supplier of maintenance and calibration services. While regular service cannot guarantee 100% reliability, it does protect against foreseeable failures and significantly improves the machine’s reliability. Regular service also reduces the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) by isolating malfunctions and anticipating problem areas.