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Medical industry cross-border integration into an inevitable trend
DATE:2017-04-24 10:14:33

According to reports, China's medical device market has reached 100 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 23%. It is one of the most promising industries in the medical industry. And in recent years, medical devices have shown a new situation of cross-integration in multiple industries and continuous investment in multiple funding channels. However, in terms of the concept and mechanism of cross-border integration, there are many practical problems to be solved.

Some experts pointed out that the three major factors affecting the development of the medical device industry are: technology, demand and market. From these three perspectives, one can study the development direction, technical focus, and possible changes of the medical device industry. The cross-border integration of the medical device industry is an inevitable trend. Cross-border integration is not only the result of market influences, but also the inherent demands of the medical device industry in seeking innovation and development.

So, what new formats and products will the medical device industry cross-border integration with other fields produce? First, other industries (such as the information and communication industries) are converging to the medical device industry. Many network and computer companies (such as Apple, IBM, etc.) have begun to focus on areas such as health big data processing and portable equipment. Second, the medical device industry has turned to other areas. Industry integration, from the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Health Service Industry" announced by the State Council in mid-October this year, whether it is the medical industry, the elderly industry, or the third-party service industry, the medical device industry can proceed to it Integration.

Cross-borders are determined by the inherent characteristics of multidisciplinary and multi-field collaboration in the medical device industry. Not only the medical device industry itself is cross-border, it can also cross-border with other fields, such as from home appliances and IT products to medical devices; from medical devices to home appliances and network products. At present, this two-way cross-border trend is very obvious, and it is extremely important for the development of the medical device industry.

Many people said that combined with the power of cross-border technologies such as the Internet, the field of personal and home medical care equipment will usher in huge development opportunities.

It can be seen that cross-border integration of the medical device industry is an inevitable trend. In the future development process, medical device companies must base on key technologies to achieve healthy and rapid integration of the industry.

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