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Economic development trend of China and EU packaging machine industry
DATE:2018-03-27 18:23:24

As we all know, the history of the EU packaging industry is different because of its different manufacturing and industrialization processes. The processes used are also different. This has also led to the diversified development characteristics of the packaging industry in the EU. The development of China's packaging machinery industry has started late, but Its market potential is huge, its development speed has gradually become a major packaging machine industry, and it is also developing internationally, and the EU countries have also become a market with China in the packaging machine industry.

In the European Union, the packaging machine industry is more famous in Italy, Britain, France, Greece, and Belgium. Among them, Italy's packaging machine can be said to be world-class, but in its early development, for example, in 2003, the Italian packaging machine The industry has decreased by 2% compared with the millennium. In 2004, the increase in exports and the rebound in domestic market sales also brought about the growth of the packaging industry. The total output reached 2.9 billion euros, an increase of 2.8% in currency terms over 2003, and in terms of real estate terms. It has increased by 1.4%, and since then, it has maintained an increasing trend almost every year. Such a trend of export growth and decline in imports brought a trade surplus of 211.9 billion euros in the Italian packaging industry in 2004, an increase of 2.6% over the previous year, which consolidated the strong position of the packaging industry in the Italian industry. Among Italy's exporting countries, China is one of them, and its share is not low. Part of the technology of China's domestic packaging machine companies has also learned from Italy. There is not much exchange between the two countries on packaging machines, and China is in the market. It also confronts Italian packaging machines. Because Italian packaging machines are mostly positioned as high-end, Chinese packaging machines still have certain advantages in the low-end market. Among Chinese packaging machine companies, they can compete with first-class foreign packaging machine companies. There is not much competition. Anhui Zhengyuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them. The powder packaging machine, granule packaging machine and liquid packaging machine developed by it are also domestic first-class equipment, and the secondary packaging production line developed by it can be located in The world-class level is the pride of the Chinese people and the leader of domestic packaging machine companies. British packaging is an important industry for British economic development, but it does not exist independently, but is closely connected with other industries, such as food and beverage, personal care, medicine and chemical industry. The British packaging industry plays an important role in light industrial and heavy industrial products, accounting for 3.3% of the global total and 13% of Europe. This is a very large set of data, but there are not many exchanges with the Chinese packaging machine market.

Most of the EU countries such as France and Greece are also the same. There is not much difference in the level of packaging machine technology between them, but the exchanges with the Chinese market are not as common as Italy, but the industry exchanges between the two parties include the market economy The connection still exists. After all, we have the world's largest consumer market. This is not the temptation that any country can resist. The same is true for the EU. As far as the packaging machine industry is concerned, the EU and China have some exchanges, but there is still room for development. And it has a good promotion relationship in economic development, which is worthy of recognition.

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