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Interpretation of the internationalization of medical kit machinery
DATE:2018-10-09 09:37:23

The foreign packaging industry relies on scientific and technological innovation, with digitalization and intelligence as the key, to seize the commanding heights of international competition, enhance the key competitiveness of economic development, and seek the initiative of future development. The overall technology level of China's packaging industry is not high, low-end and middle-end companies gather, and the industry's overcapacity is severe, which is in sharp contrast with foreign countries.

The degree of intelligence of the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry signifies the breadth and depth of its application. The current pharmaceutical packaging machinery is still at a low level of primary intelligence. The continued development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has a higher demand for intelligence. This means that we need and have the ability to develop advanced intelligent pharmaceutical packaging technology in combination with specific application needs.

From the perspective of product structure adjustment, it is necessary to change the situation of low-tech content as soon as possible, learn advanced foreign technology, and develop and produce large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency and low consumption. Develop suitable packaging equipment according to national conditions, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, and further develop domestic and international markets.

For pharmaceutical packaging machinery, the continued expansion of the domestic pharmaceutical market and the continued emergence of new varieties and new dosage forms have brought major opportunities and challenges. The domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery production industry must accelerate the transformation and upgrading, vigorously improve the level of automation and intelligence of its products, and rely on higher-end products and equipment to meet the market and truly become a high-end internationalization road.

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