• Auto Loading System

    • Auto Loading System


    Auto Loading System     
    It is mainly used for the aseptic transmission and connection between the half-stoppered antibiotic bottles from the filling and filling machine to the freeze-drying machine, and between the freeze-drying machine and the cap rolling machine. It has an advanced integrated in-and-out bottle mechanism, fully realizing the automatic transfer of products in isolation.

    Freeze dryer Auto loader

    Lyomac Provide both AGV and positioned/fixed row by row auto loader to meet different requirements.

    AGV system are designed for trays push and pull through freeze dryer, designed with semi or full-auto system by tray loader. It’s features with:

    1. Lower cost and short delivery period

    2. Less maintenance without build changing and worn parts

    3. Can adapt to multi freeze dryers, more flexible use

    4. Vial range 2-100ml, Maximum speed up to 400 VPM.

    5. O-Rabs/C-Rabs,LAF  is allowed to build up.

    6. Infeed station can equip with auto tray loader (optional)

    7. User friendly control interface

    Auto loader with fixed Row-by Row loading system by build with infeed conveyor and freeze dryer on position. With features of :

    1. Build and designed with freeze dryer, more reliable and higher efficiency

    2. Vial range 2-100ml, Maximum speed up to 600 VPM.

    3. Isolator,O-Rabs/C-Rabs,LAF  is allowed to build up.

    4. More automation control by communication with freeze dryer

    5. User friendly control interface

    6. Less land occupation on clean room ,easy access for service

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