• Pilot freeze dryer

    • Pilot freeze-dryers are devices for process optimisation or small batch production in flasks (vials) or product trays. Our wide range of models covers product capacities from 20L to 150 L per drying cycle. The temperature-controlled shelves for your product are sized between 1.08 m² and 7.56 m².


    The pilot model freeze dryer with drying capacity from 20 L up to 150 Liters, cover most demand for vial or other material commercial production, compliance with cGMP and FDA. Usually used in the process of small scale production.

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    • Automatic shelf stoppering under vacuum.

    • Automactic control for freeze drying, SIP and CIP

    • Scada control system compliance with GAMP regulation and save up to thousand recipes

    • Shelf flatness less than 1.0mm, temperature uniformity less than 1 ℃

    • Energy saving control system by control compressor and vacuum pump

    • Environment friendly refrigerant

    • Flexible arrangement design, suit user’s plant layout,thus space saved.

    Main Components

    1.Compressor System

    Lyomac standard Brand: Bitzer from German


    2.Vacuum System

    Lyomac Standard Brand:ULVAC from Japan


    3.Chamber and Shelf

    Material: SS304 OR SS316L

    chamber and shelf.jpg


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