• Lab freeze dryer

    • Laboratory freeze dryer is developed for biotcech,pharmaceutical and other industry R&D. Drying capacity up to 12 Liters,more customized design according to user's requirement.


    This freeze dryer is mainly used in the biopharmaceutical industry, widely used in laboratories.

    This model has been successfully installed in many countries over the past 10 years, with CIP&SIP. SCADA system optional. perfect for pilot scale production for vial and clinical materials. Our freeze dryer complies with FDA & cGMP regulation. 

    Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer price/Pharmaceutical and biological industries Freeze dryer machine



    • Automatic shelf stoppering under vacuum.

    • Automactic control for freeze drying, SIP and CIP

    • Scada control system compliance with GAMP regulation and save up to thousand recipes

    • Shelf flatness less than 1.0mm, temperature uniformity less than 1 ℃

    • Energy saving control system by control compressor and vacuum pump

    • Environment friendly refrigerant

    • Flexible arrangement design, suit user’s plant layout,thus space saved.

    Main Components

    1.Compressor System

    Lyomac standard Brand: Bitzer from German


    2.Vacuum System

    Lyomac Standard Brand:ULVAC from Japan


    3.Chamber and Shelf

    Material: SS304 OR SS316L

    chamber and shelf.jpg


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